The Future of HVAC Systems

At Air Energy, we are committed to bringing our customers the latest, most innovative range of pipes and fittings for HVAC and compressed air systems available anywhere in the HVAC industry. As governments and industries around the world move towards more renewable models, we endeavor to stay on top of advancing technology as it happens. The two main goal posts set by the European Parliament for the prevention of global warming are 2030 and 2050. By 2030, they aim to reduce carbon emissions by 55%; by 2050, they aim to use no fossil fuels whatsoever. We think this is not just admirable, but, with the right combination of ingenuity and commitment, actually achievable,

A big part of staying ahead of the curve is being able to envision what the next stage of development might look like. Traditionally, a huge amount of global energy use has been consumed by HVAC systems. With the world population growing rapidly and ever greater demands being placed on the energy supplies of our towns and cities, engineers and planners have been looking at how they can continue to provide heating, ventilation, and cooling while reducing their carbon footprint. 

HVAC Systems in Smart Cities

“Smart City” is a term used to describe urban areas where there is a high level of interconnectedness between infrastructure, transport, energy supply, and other elements of the urban environment. Part of the idea is to increase energy efficiency with the primary goal of greatly improved environmental sustainability. In the Smart City, for example, if one building is experiencing excess heat, the underlying smart system would be able to harness that heat energy and transfer it to another building.

In order for this to happen, all systems would need to be interconnected at the data level and would use highly sophisticated fiber optics technology and Smart Metres in place of the flow metres and pressure gauges that are currently standard for these systems. Currently, pressure gauges need to be placed at various points throughout the HVAC system to accurately monitor the status of the various processes and equipment. Fiber optic cables allow large amounts of complex data to be transmitted at high speeds, meaning they would be capable of communicating information about the temperature, pressure, and any faults in the systems to the mainframe.

How Press-Fitting Pipes Fit in

The unique Europress press-fitting system is already making HVAC systems more efficient and sustainable, and that same technology will serve to optimise the systems in Smart Cities. Built from high quality steel, Europress pipe fittings are fast and easy to install, and are particularly well suited to use with sophisticated measuring equipment. 

The unique O-ring coloured sleeve system employed by Europress makes it easy to identify potential leaks during the installation process. When the fittings are properly attached, the coloured, plastic sleeve on the end of the pipe fitting falls away. This means technicians can spot any faulty joins before the system is turned on.

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