Unipipe Aluminium Pipe System


When you’re installing complex pipework for a compressed air system, you want the process to be smooth and stress-free, with as little tooling as possible. Create quick and easy, piping systems with Unipipe aluminium pipe system, available from Air Energy that are suitable for a variety of uses including high and low pressure compressed air, fire protection systems, vacuum, industrial gases and high pressure water and oil lines.

For compressed air applications, these high pressure aluminium piping systems are capable of withstanding working temperatures that range between -20°C and 100°C and have a maximum working pressure of 16 bars. In fact the special, high pressure range outperforms every other Aluminium system, it is rated at 70 bar and we have witnessed destructive testing where the fittings did not fail until over 400 bar!


Features and benefits

Enjoy the many benefits and advantages that come from using this brand’s aluminium pipe fittings in your air compression system. Some of these include:

  • Durability –these fittings are corrosion and incrustation free; they are made to last.
  • Designed for fast installation – With the piping’s intrinsic stability, you’ll only be required to fix it all together at just a few points. This makes the installation process significantly easier.
  • Piping & pipe fittings for any purpose – an extensive variety of sizes ranging from 20 -160mm.
coupler and 110 elbow
Unipipe pipes

Air Energy is proud to carry the Unipipe range of aluminium pipes and press fittings. Give us a call today on (03) 9765 5600 to see how we can help you.

How Is Unipipe Better Than Other Pipes?

Unipipe fittings have been quite popular recently because they are reliable and inexpensive. But this is also because of some of their features which make them better than other piping systems especially their much higher pressure rating. The standard compressed air fittings have a working pressure of 16 bar, but have Quality Testing Pressure of 64 bar – far in excess of competitors giving you peace of mind. The high pressure fittings rated at up to 70 bar have been tested to in excess of 280 bar without failure.

A unipipe aluminium system does not require any additional or special tools for assembling the pipes. It can be done using generic tools, unlike many other systems. Aluminium pipe fittings are also corrosion resistant which makes them an ideal option over black iron and galvanized metal.

Unipipe is sold in Melbourne, Sydney Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Tasmania, in fact in all of Australia. Apart from compressed air, Unipipe is also suitable for other fluids and gases like oils, diesel. nitrogen, inert gases and vacuum.. Another distinctive feature of Unipipe is that there is a wide range of sizes stocked here from 20mm to 160mm plus new developments include 200mm and 250mm sizes, which is not available in other types of pipes.

You can also reach out to our professionals if you have any queries or doubts regarding unipipe. Our experts can give you extensive information about unipipe and anything else you need to keep in mind while installing it.