TRANSAIR Piping System

Air Energy is proud to stock the Transair piping system, designed and manufactured by Parker for compressed air, vacuum and inert gas applications. With its lightweight construction and strong resistance to corrosion, it is widely regarded as one of the industry leading brands. Whether you work in the industrial, agricultural/rural or mining sectors, you can trust this aluminium pipework system to deliver high performance for your specific requirements each and every time.

Features and benefits

There is a wealth of advantages to be gained from installing a Transair compressed air pipe system on your worksite.

  • It’s incredibly easy to install, taking just minutes instead of hours.
  • The user friendly interlocking system means you won’t need to weld or solder the piping together.
  • It’s a cost effective system, enabling you to minimise plant energy costs by improving efficiency, lowering the number of pressure drops and eradicating air leaks.
  • The system is highly resistant to corrosive substances, drastic temperature changes and mechanical shocks, among other factors.
  • Components are guaranteed for ten years.
  • It is an environmentally sustainable system.

With a broad selection of piping diameters as well as a variety of fittings to suit just about any industrial application or process, you’re sure to find the perfect system configuration to meet your needs.

If you would like to consult an experienced professional about installing a Transair system on your worksite, or would like someone to assess your existing pipework, give Air Energy a call today on (03) 9765 5600.