Industrial Pipe Systems

Air Energy is experienced in an extensive range of industrial applications, competitively supplying and installing the best materials for each application, whether you require a stainless steel tube system, maXair plastic pipework, or aluminium brands such as Unipipe.

Our Technical Department has the necessary experience to help you with everything from qualified advice that gets your system operating to optimal efficiency, through to recommending and providing the best turn-key solutions. Gone are the days of rusty metal pipes. Industry today demands clean pipes made from modern materials such as stainless steel tubes and fittings or new generation plastics, delivering product that is free from oxides and contamination.


MaXair plastic air pipes

MaXair uses PE100, a product of advanced polymer technology which outperforms other pipes for pressure, flow, corrosion resistance and suitability for compressed air. MaXair is the product of choice for most modern Compressed Air Installations – easy to install and easy to extend or alter.

You can get the benefit of Air Energy’s experience for your specific needs.

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Europress stainless steel pipes and fittings

Europress is the new way to install 316L SS pipe work using stainless press fittings, much faster than traditional tig welding and requiring no naked flames, hot work permits, or gas bottles. Europress pipes have the added feature of Press Check Sleeves for added integrity of installation. We stock all your essential Europress stainless steel tube press fittings, from unions and adaptors to male and female connectors, caps, and more.

To make your project successful, use the expertise and superior products that Air Energy use every day.

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Aluminium powder coated blue pipework is light and strong and gives a highly impressive finished installation. The aluminium tube and fittings are designed for a fast and secure, visually pleasing installation. These aluminium tubes are also coated internally with polymer corrosion protection for improved performance.

Air Net Vastair Unipipe Transair

PP Polypropylene

PP Polypropylene

PP Polypropylene has a number of special chemical resistant properties that make it the product of choice for many chemical applications. Our tech department can help you make the best selection. We can supply PP in either PN10 or PN20.

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Nylon pipe

Nylon pipe

Semi rigid nylon pipe in our John Guest Super Speedfit range is connected with push-in joiners. Available in 15, 18 and 22 mm OD, it is the fastest way to install workstations or machinery with higher capacity and less pressure drop and a professional functionality.

PE Polyethylene

PE Polyethylene

PE, Polyethylene, Black Poly or Blue stripe; however it is known, is a very versatile and economic material of choice for many applications. Air Energy are experienced suppliers, designers and fabricators for solving a wide range of customer requirements.

For help with chemical compatibility, ask for the Technical Department at Air Energy by calling (03) 9765 5600.