Stainless Steel Press Fittings

Enjoy complete peace of mind with the ‘No Leak Solution’ of Europress stainless steel press fittings, available for purchase from Air Energy. The unique, all-new and innovative ‘No Leak Solution” consists of a PressCheck sleeve – a thin blue coloured plastic film applied to the outer seat of the o-ring. This plastic film tears when the fitting is pressed and falls off, therefore any unpressed stainless steel fittings are easily and quickly identified.

Stainless Steel Press FittingsBlue Press Checks on SS fittings. Red Press Checks on carbon steel. Yellow Press Checks for natural gas.

Stainless Steel Press Fittings‘Press Check’ sleeve peels off when crimping operation is complete. Available on all press fittings up to and including 54mm.

stainless-press3Some stainless steel pipe systems rely on leak-paths to allow uncrimped fittings to deliberately leak. With Press Check, the crimp indicator gives you peace of mind.


When you buy genuine Europress stainless steel press fittings with Press Check sleeves from Air Energy, you receive our assurance of premium quality. If you need an experienced professional to oversee the installation of your compressed air system, or would simply like a comprehensive audit of your existing set-up, get in touch with us today by calling 03 9765 5600.

Our Unrivalled Europress Piping System!

Air Energy offers one of the best stainless steel pipe fitting systems that are suitable for a wide range of industries such as F&B, pharmaceutical, mining, petroleum, and many more. Our gas fittings are all 100% factory tested; hence, know that neither our products nor our services will let you down!

Air Energy’s Hygienic, Safe & Rapid Press Fitting for Gas!

Our gas pipe fittings will save you time compared to welding and can be installed rapidly and safely without flame or hot work permits or gas bottles and hoses to form a permanent join in a matter of seconds. With the option of stainless BSP fittings.

Why use Air Energy Press Fittings Sydney Services?

Air Energy are passionate about delivering top customer service. With overnight service, goods can be onsite next day. As one client recently emailed us “we appreciate how prompt it is dealing with Air Energy”.

No project is small or big for us as we have supplied press fit systems to large and small industries and residential properties for over two decades. We offer quick and easy installation, thus, becoming one of the most preferred choices when it comes to installing stainless steel pipework.

Where to use BSP Pipe Fitting Stainless Steel?

Air Energy’s stainless steel bsp fittings primarily complement the Europress press fittings but can be used on both the Unipipe aluminium system and the HDPE maxair range. Mostly we recommend brass fittings or high pressure galvanised steel fittings with Unipipe as SS can sometimes gall in contact with aluminium bsp threads.

Facts About Our Gas Pipe Fitting Stainless Steel System

  • Our gas fittings meet AS 5200.053 and are approved for gas applications in Australia, New Zealand and many European countries
  • Maximum operating pressure is 5 bars
  • Operating temperature ranges between -20 °C +70 °C
  • Every fitting goes through a special helium test

Why Choose Us?

Fast & Simple

Want to install pipes in compact spaces? Fret not! We can offer you quick and easy installation with no welding required. Eliminate the hassle of hot work permits and no naked flame. The installation process of Air Energy stainless steel BSP fittings is ten times faster than the conventional tig-welding procedure.

Safe and Reliable

Made from 316l or 304 stainless steel for a superior finish and enhanced chemical stability, the Air Energy Maxpress fitting system is unsusceptible to corrosion and ageing. Additionally, our system will offer you unmatched efficiency, hygiene, and durability. Our gas press fittings ensure quality and consistency, with each pressing being the same perfect press every time when done to manufacturers directions. The yellow press check sleeves identify at a glance if any joints have not been pressed.

Unique and Affordable

We offer press fittings at a very affordable price. At Air Energy, we believe that clients should get good value-for-money services. Apart from that, no consumables, qualified supervisors or welding gas hiring is required to install our press fittings. Thus, reducing installation of stainless steel pipework cost by up to 25%.


Yes, you can use press fittings on gas. In fact, press fittings are well-suited to use in gas lines and other welding gases. inert gases or vacuum systems.

When talking with plumbing installers, one of the most frequent topics is their preference for either the "M" or "V" pressfitting profile. The choice of one or the other is often a matter of "habit". Professionals who are used to a certain profile rarely choose to change to the other.

The reason behind this "habit" is quick to understand: "M" and "V" profiles are both valid, so it is rare that an installer chooses to change profile because they think that one or the other is more "technically" efficient.

Gas fittings are made using various materials such as aluminium, brass, cast iron, stainless steel, and different types of plastics. Ensure you understand the type of gas you will work with to select the right material.

BSP fittings areare mostly taper threads but still need sealant, typically a teflon tape. Cheap white teflon tapes are highly pre-stretched, so it needs many more wraps to achieve the same seal as a quality heavy body tape.

We highly recommend use of an anaerobic thread sealant like TITASEAL or some of the LOKTITE range for absolute peace of mind for a leak-free seal. TITASEAL 3577 has a working pressure up to 2000kpa and temp range of -20C to 148C suitable for liquids and gases.

The process is quite simple

  • Cut the pipe to length and deburr inside and out.
  • Using the depth gauge, witnesses mark the insertion depth.
  • Insert the tube fully into the fitting, taking care not to displace the O'Ring.
  • Place the jaws of the press tool around the fitting, check alignment and insertion depth.
  • Squeeze the trigger until the tool completes the cycle.
Yes, press fitting is up to 10 times faster than welding with none of the hazards associated with welding. It is the new clean, sufficient, easy, effortless way to get the job done quicker!