Nitrogen Gas Generators

nitrogen generator equipment

Nitrogen generators allow companies to maintain a much cheaper source of a continuous supply of pure nitrogen, which has applications in industries ranging from food to pharmaceuticals. Air Energy’s nitrogen generation system enables businesses to extract nitrogen from compressed air. Air Energy helps clients to choose the system that will meet their demand.

Nitrogen is the most abundant gas on earth – approximately 80% of our atmosphere. There are optional ways of separating the nitrogen for use in a wide spectrum of industry. Air Energy can offer you an independent cost-benefit analysis on the best nitrogen-generation solution for you.


The majority of applications that use nitrogen gas do not need the 10ppm, (99.999%) purity supplied by the traditional gas companies as bulk liquid or gas (cylinders). Providing customers with ultra-high purity nitrogen in all instances is an unnecessary waste of money and energy. Factors that influence selection of the best suited equipment include pressure, flow and purity as well as peak demand and average usage.

Membrane Nitrogen Recovery

The innovative membrane technology isolates nitrogen by channelling compressed air through bundles of hollow fibres, with walls permeable only to gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. This method generates 95 – 99.5 per cent pure nitrogen, with flows of up to 209.9 m³/hr. Our nitrogen generators have the following features and benefits:


    • Requires just a supply of dry compressed air
    • Easy to install
    • No specialist commissioning
    • Includes Pre Filter, Pressure gauges, flow meter for constant monitoring
    • Low operating expense
    • Saves labour, time refills delivery charges associated with bottled supplies
    • Oxygen content can adjusted from 5% to 0.5%
Ideal for
  • Fire prevention
  • Tyre inflation
  • Oil & gas applications
  • Marine
  • Packaging
  • Many other applications

If you have doubts on using generators for your facility, do not hesitate to consult our team of nitrogen generator specialists. They are knowledgeable on the use of nitrogen generators for different applications. They can also provide you with professional advice on making sure your generator functions at an optimal level.

Pressure Swing Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen Generator Schematic

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology isolates nitrogen molecules from other molecules in compressed air. Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide other gases and water vapour are adsorbed. This results in virtually pure nitrogen at the outlet. These Nitrogen generators are a very cost effective source of nitrogen for various industries including

  • Food and Beverage
  • Metal Processing
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Packaging
  • Marine and many others
  • Laboratory
  • Chemical
  • Laser cutting
  • Heat Treatment


These nitrogen gas systems only need a supply of compressed air and are highly efficient. The PSA technology is a safe method for generating high-purity nitrogen gas on-site for laboratories and various industries that require the gas in their applications. At Air Energy, our nitrogen gas generators can supply continuous nitrogen ranging from 1 to 75,000 standard cubic feet per hour. If you have any enquiries about energy-efficient nitrogen generators, give us a call and we will gladly provide you with professional advice.

Nitrogen Generator

Pressure Swing Adsorption works in a similar way to Membrane Nitrogen Recovery, in that it isolates the gas by allowing molecules to permeate where nitrogen cannot.

This is possible through the use of Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS), which are placed inside the entrances of two columns: one high-pressure adsorption column (8 bar) and one normal pressure desorption column (1 bar).

Compressed air passes through the first CMS, which has pores of only a little over 1 micron. This isolates much of the nitrogen from the desorption column, where only particles similar to oxygen can enter.

The process is completed in the adsorption column when the second CMS adsorbs the trace gases, allowing pure nitrogen to exit. The system will then switch both columns into regenerative mode, where it can expel the isolated particles before another batch of compressed air is introduced.

Return on investment is often achieved in less than one year. Ask our technical staff for your solution.

From small lab models to large industrial nitrogen generators, Air Energy are the best to assess your nitrogen needs and give you an innovative solution with projected pay-back calculations.

Contact our consultants to see how you can generate your own nitrogen and start saving with our nitrogen gas equipment. Call 03 9765 5600