Compressed Air Fittings (Hoses and Reels)

Hose Reels and Fittings

For Air Energy, safety and productivity are paramount. That is why we provide quality hose reels, self-store hoses and compressed air fittings for reduced risks and increased workplace efficiency. Our air compressor hose reels are available with hose in various diameters, lengths and pressure capacities to suit many types of compressed air systems. Whether you’re looking for a motorised or hand-cranked hose reel, our range has the right type for your application.

We also offer customised cable and hose reels made for special applications. All our hose reels for air compressors have been designed and manufactured based on industrial standards to ensure easy use and long life.

Wide Selection of Hose Reels

Air Energy provides hose reels for various applications. Whether you need a reel for air, water or even a hose used for chemical, fuel or lubricant transfer, we can meet your requirement.

We offer a wide range of hose reels with hand-cranked or motorised versions. Our range includes:

  • cable reels
  • aluminium reels
  • fabricated steel reels in powder coated finish
  • stainless steel reels
  • composite spring rewind hose reel

Our reels can be operated through different means, giving you options on which is the most suitable for your application. Our clients can choose from the following systems:

  • hand crank
  • hydraulic motor rewind
  • reduction drive hand crank hose reels
  • air motor rewind
  • spring rewind
  • 12 and 24 VDC electric motor rewind

We also offer hose lengths up to 150 metres (500ft) and diameters up to 50mm (2”) in standard configurations, as well as custom designed hose reels and cable reels for special applications.

Improving Workplace Productivity and Safety with Hose Reels

Hose reels offer you an economical and quality solution for improving your workplace’s safety, efficiency, productivity. The increasing demand for hose, cord and cable compressed fittings is being driven globally by workplace safety regulations and requirements. By meeting the industry need to reduce accidents and the desire to protect workers, you can reduce costly downtime and ultimately decrease insurance premiums for employers.

Aside from increasing safety, the use of hose reels will increase efficiency and productivity by providing operators with a more effective means of handling hoses, cords and cables in their workplace environment. Reduction in downtime and lower maintenance costs are an additional benefit of efficient hose management, minimising damage to hoses and cables when using reels.

Even with high-performance pumps, productivity can be affected by poorly designed reels with higher pressure drop. Find the best match to your system here at Air Energy.

Addressing Safety Issues with Compressed Air Fittings

One of the most important workplace safety issues is the provision of safety compressed air fittings. Australia’s Duty of Care legislation requires “everything reasonably practicable to be done to protect the health and safety of others in the workplace.”

The use of safety compressed air fittings prevent the dangerous whip effect on disconnection and significantly harmful noise by venting the downstream pressure before disconnection.

Air Energy can help you select the best safety compressed air fittings for your needs and stock a comprehensive range of options for safety compressed air fittings.

Air Energy is the best source for premium products and expert industrial pipework advice. Let us know your requirements today.

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  • air compressor hose reel
  • stainless steel industrial air hose reel

Get Quality Compressed Air Fittings with Us!

Air energy offers clients the best-in-country air compressor pipe and fittings at a very cost-effective price for a wide range of manufacturing industries.

Our compressed air systems are designed to cover the full spectrum from, small to large workshops, and Food Beverage, Pharmaceutical, packaging, manufacturing and automotive workshops.

We stock a variety of systems in PE, 316 Stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, Aluminium and rigid nylon.

The reasons why Australians trust Air Energy:

  • We offer ease of installation as we have the ability to apply our wide experience to design the best outcome depending on whatever client specifications may be.
  • Our prices are competitive, with ample accessories like hoses and quick connect couplers in stock.
  • Top-class system acclaimed throughout the country.

The quality of our hose and hose fittings is second to none. We provide services that will streamline your workshop efficiency while ensuring the utmost safety to your staff.

Invest in the longevity of your air compressor with our high-efficiency filters and dryers. Maintain clean air intake, reduce maintenance costs, and enjoy uninterrupted operation.

How to Choose the Right Hose Connector?

The type of connector you should buy depends on your particular need. Hence, before you purchase one for yourself, you should determine the following factors:

  • discuss the flow rate yuo will require and the best material to use, whether Polyurethane, Polyethylene, PVC, Nylon, Teflon etc,
  • Decide the pressure tolerance you need
  • Determining what fluid is being used – water, air, or a different liquid.
  • What type of stoppage do you need – an automatic shut-off open discharge or pressure relieving
  • Whether the media passing through is chemically compatible with coupler material.

If you’re still unsure which type of hose connector is best for you, you can contact our experts. We at Air Energy will help you choose the best hose connector for your reel to satisfy your needs.