Compressed Air Fittings

Our range of compressed air fittings includes composite spring rewind hose and cable reels, fabricated steel reels in powder coated finish, stainless steel, and aluminium with hand crank or motorised versions.

With such a huge range to choose from, we can fulfil your needs from spring rewind, hydraulic motor rewind, 12 and 24 VDC electric motor rewind, air motor rewind, hand crank, and reduction drive hand crank hose reels complete with compressed air fittings. We also offer hose lengths to 150 metres (500ft) and diameters up to 50mm (2”) in standard configurations, as well as custom designed hose reels and cable reels for special applications. Application versions include air hose reels, water hose reels, fire hose reels,and lubrication, chemical and fuel reels, amongst many other types of medium transfer.

Hose reels offer you an economical and quality solution that will improve your safety record, improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce costly downtime.The increasing demand for hose, cord and cable compressed fittings is being driven globally by workplace safety regulations and requirements, the need to reduce accidents, and the desire to protect workers and ultimately reduce insurance premiums for employers.

Aside from increasing safety, the use of hosereels will increase efficiency and productivity by providing operators with a more effective means of handling hoses, cords and cables in their workplace environment. Reduction in downtime and lower maintenance costs are an additional benefit of efficient hose management, minimising damage to hoses and cables when using reels.

One of the most important workplace safety issues is the provision of safety compressed air fittings. Australia’s Duty of Care legislation requires “everything reasonably practicable to be done to protect the health and safety of others in the workplace. “The use of safety compressed air fittings prevent the dangerous whip effect on disconnection and significantly harmful noise by venting the downstream pressure before disconnection”. Air Energy can help you select the best safety compressed air fittings for your needs and stock a comprehensive range of options of safety compressed air fittings.

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