Whether you need parts replaced or a total system overhaul, Air Energy can assist with any requirements relating to compressed air installations. Below, we take a look at the various steps involved in the process.

Socket fusion welding (HAND TOOL)

Full instructions for socket fusion welding are in the maXair catalogue, but pipe is quickly and cleanly cut with pipe cutters (1), Oxide layer is removed with a scraper (2), fitting and pipe inserted on welder for x seconds (3), then removed from welder and pushed together (4) -Weld Done


Socket fusion welding (BENCH TOOL)

The Bench socket fusion welding process is ideal for larger size pipes – 50, 63, 90 or 110 mm to ensure the highest standard of integrity and repeatability especially for a one-person operation.


Electrofusion welding

Full instructions for electrofusion welding are in the maXair catalogue, but pipe is quickly and cleanly cut with pipe cutters then Oxide layer is removed with a scraper (1), weld surfaces are wiped with pipewipes and joint is assembled (2), electrodes attached and weld time activated. (3)


Butt fusion welding (Butt Welder)

The butt welder is designed to prepare and butt-weld two lengths of pipe end to end.
Designed for larger diameter poly pipe applications.
This welder does 110-250mm.

Butt Fusion Site Welding


The design of clips for pipework is more important than many people realise as part of the process of compressed air installation. While constructing the pipework system, it is important to hold the pipe securely and do not forget Maxair pipe fittings but at the same time allow for longitudinal expansion or contraction of the pipework.

These clips have a number of special features

  • Never rust or corrode
  • Removable spacer for extra clearance
  • Side fixing or centre fixing
  • Self closing design (see below)
  • Ratchet closing to accommodate different pipe sizes
  • Tough virgin polypropylene, no recycled content– not brittle
  • Sizes 18-20, 25-28, 31-35, 39-44, 47-53

The pipe clip flexes open to receive the pipe (left), then when firm even pressure is applied to the pipe, the 2 halves lock together, securing the pipe in the clip. (right)

The all new CL 63 clip


The all new CL 63 clip is a result of extensive R&D to produce what we believe is the best clip available for the installation of pipework in a compressed air system installation.

  • Very heavy duty – will replace need for bolted clip heads.
  • One piece construction – no loose nuts, bolts saddles etc.
  • Choice of centre or side fixing.
  • Centre recess holds 10mm nut for all thread applications.
  • Can use nylon anchors.
  • Open access for drills or cordless tools.
  • Secure positive double latch design.
  • Anti friction grooves facilitate longitudinal pipe expansion
  • Virgin PP material – almost unbreakable
  • Dovetail interlock compatibility
  • Reinforced base and mounting holes
  • Accidental disconnection protector
  • Suits wall or overhead installation
  • Mounts perfectly on Unistrut style channel
  • Non-corroding suits PE, PP, SS, Aluminium pipe systems
  • Competitively priced

63 clip

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