Aluminium Pipes and Fittings

Aluminium Compressed Air Pipe

If you’re looking for a piping system specifically designed for the use of compressed air, then be sure to check out the aluminium compressed air pipe range from Air Energy, your trusted air pipe supplier.

Light and strong, and making for a highly appealing installation, our aluminium powder coated blue pipework delivers high performance no matter what the application.

Installation of our aluminium pipework is fast, secure and easy, with special aluminium pipes and fittings replacing the need for traditional welding. The tubes are internally coated with polymer corrosion protection which helps to enhance the system’s performance. Air Energy stocks top brands of aluminium compressed air pipes and pipe fittings – Vastair, Airnet, Transair and Unipipe.

List of Brands that We Carry

At Air Energy, we look to quality when it comes to providing you with the best aluminium pipes and fittings in the market. We only sell and install world-renowned brands that guarantee a long service life and provide your facility with an energy-efficient system.


Unipipe’s aluminium pipe press fittings are designed for fast and easy installation, with a high level of durability. When used for high or low compressed air applications, the Unipipe system is capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -20°C to 100°C. Besides compressed air processes, the pipe system is also suitable for fire protection, industrial gases, and high-pressure oil and water lines.


The brand’s compressed air pipe systems are quick to install and ready for immediate pressurisation. This gives you significant savings on installation, maintenance and operating costs. The inner pipe surface of the Vastair aluminium pipe delivers clean compressed air, which ensures that the pipe is resistant to corrosion. The sealing characteristics, low friction coefficient and the design of the Vastair components ensure the constant flow of clean air.


AIRnet is Atlas Copco’s lightweight, versatile, corrosion-resistant aluminium system. This premium quality pipe system is suitable for compressed air, vacuum and inert gases. The inner portion of the AIRnet pipe is coated for enhanced corrosion protection and lower friction loss. Painting the pipe is not necessary as the system comes pre-painted blue to comply with Australian regulations. The Airnet aluminium system also comes in green for inert gases.


Transair compressed air pipe system is incredibly easy to install and also has a high level of resistance to corrosive substances, mechanical shocks and drastic changes in temperature. The Transair compressed air pipe system is cost-effective, which enables you to minimise plant energy costs by eliminating air leaks, lowering the number of pressure drops and improving the efficiency of the air pipe system.

Discover why you should always opt for aluminium over PVC piping systems.

The Benefits of Aluminium Compressed Air Pipes for Your System

Aluminium Compressed Air Pipes

There are many advantages to installing an aluminium compressed air pipe system over a steel or PVC system. In fact, although it is a reliable material for many applications, PVC should never be used for compressed air. The compressed air causes it to degrade and become brittle and PVC could explode in a hail of jagged plastic shrapnel. In systems channelling large volumes of compressed air, the added presence of compressor oils, heat and high pressure can turn PVC into a significant OSHA risk. If ruptured, PVC pipes may fail catastrophically and can injure workers and damage equipment.

Aluminium is less prone to high pressure system leaks. An aluminium compressed air pipe system does not require the parts to be threaded in order for the pipes to be connected, which means that it takes far less time – and therefore less cost – to install. Most importantly, it is corrosion resistant which means it won’t rust and therefore pollute clean air travelling through the pipes. The system will also minimise air pressure drop, which saves on power costs as air won’t be forced to work harder due to loose scale deposits that build up over time in galvanised or even copper pipes during the corrosion process.

If you would like to speak to an experienced professional about installing an aluminium compressed air pipe system on your worksite, or would like someone to examine your existing system, contact us and give us a call today on (03) 9765 5600.

Sectors Using Aluminium Pipe System

Aluminium Pipes are used in various applications and for a variety of purposes. Here are some popular industries and fields where aluminium pipes have proved to be material-of-choice.


Using aluminium pipework with the Unipipe compression fittings, you can maintain the quality and safety of your pharmaceutical products. The aluminium pipe has a clear polymer coating on the inside ensuring that the air is clean and unpolluted.


The Unipipe system is superior due to its exceptionally secure joints. The precision machined nut and interior of the anodised body with the patented SS grip ring means there is no way to separate the joint. Tested to the point of failure has split the pipe at over 200 bar without any failure of the fittings.

Food And Beverages

The aluminium pipe system is not only corrosion-resistant but also easy to clean.The coloured polyester surface coating is excellent for identification when there may be multiple pipelines side by side in a plant. Ideal for compressed air, Nitrogen, Vacuum, High pressure blow mould packaging and beverages etc.


Automotive industries require a powerful air-compressed system at every stage of production. All sections need a robust system, from assembling all the materials to painting the automobile. Aluminium pipes are robust and take a good range of temperatures from -20 degrees to 100 degrees continuous working pressure and widely preferred in this sector.

Chemical And Petrochemical

Chemicals and petrochemical industries need a constant supply of gas and air. Aluminium pipe fittings are corrosion resistant, can handle a good amount of heat and are very strong, Designed for a range of -0.87 to 70 bar and is a reason why these pipes are used in the production and maintenance of chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturers of aircraft and cars use aluminium pipes and rail transportation systems in fuel lines, hydraulic systems, and fuselages. Additionally, aluminium tubing is a good substitute for steel, copper or other heavier metals in refrigerators, engines, and HVAC systems due to its lightweight, high strength, resistance to impact damage and its heat-conductive properties.
Due to the corrosion resistance of aluminium pipe, airflow is optimized, energy costs are decreased, and air quality is improved. Compared to fittings used with threaded systems, those used with aluminium. Unipipe compression fittings are fast to install, leakproof and need no special installation tools.