Online Pipe Fitting Training and Skills Development

While Australia has performed exceptionally well in its management of COVID-19, it’s undeniable that even the most insulated communities have had to adapt to new ways of doing things. In regard to professional stainless pipe and fittings experts across Australia, this has been reflected in the adoption of virtual training and skills development, and virtual maintenance instruction. From live streaming, to zooms, to webinar panels, we are seeing a renaissance of skills sharing and professional engagement that extends across the globe. For pipefitters, their skill set is no longer limited by knowledge available to them in their local area.

In this blog, we will list some of the most reputable online training programs available to pipe fitters, and the benefits of each program.

Online Skills Development for Pipe Fitters

TPC Training (USA)

TPC Training is renowned for their first-class online training opportunities within the heavy industries, however, what makes their offerings unique is how in-depth, technologically advanced and supported they are by additional resources, including online skills tests. While their online training is based upon American standards, Australian pipe fitters may find value in their many modules that range from the fundamentals to mechanical systems, energy conservation, industrial hazard control, machine shop practices, mechanical maintenance applications, rigging and equipment installation, and welding.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions (Global)

With over 700 professionals in 40 countries, DuPont is a proven, trusted advisor in operations services and, given that many pipeline operations span countries, are an invaluable resource for global skills training. Their online courses are geared toward safety, risky awareness, and performance; however, they have a wide range of resources across all areas of operations and maintenance. Uniquely, DuPoint addresses the issues involved in “the new normal” and offers advice on adapting to COVID-19 changes.

Pipeline Training  (AU)

Pipeline specialise in vocational training for the civil construction industry. Their key specialisms include underground services, confined spaces, electrical safety, water sewer infrastructure, work safety at heights, plants and equipment, logistics, endeavour energy authorisation and refresher courses, as well as verification of competency units. Recently, Pipeline announced that they would deliver some of their courses online, however, this may no longer be needed thanks to the lifting of restrictions and the expansion of Pipeline training centres across NSW, QLD and NT. Either way, their courses are intensive, industry specific and meet the needs of Australian industry.

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After general industry training comes expert pipeline products. Air Energy supplies industrial pipes and pipe fittings purpose-built for Australian industry. Our extensive range is the product by 20 years of experience in all categories. Our stainless-steel pipes and fittings are manufactured to precise International & Australian standards. Air Energy offer in house or on site specific training in Press fitting, Electrofusion, Socket Fusion and system design.

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