Pipe Clips

High-Grade Pipe Clips & Pipe Supports

Pipe clips are small but crucial components of a pipe system. Not only are clips easy and quick to install, but they are also cost-effective in terms of efficiency. Air Energy has been providing high-quality piping equipment and accessories over the years. We provide all types of clamps, from silicon pipe clips to heavy-duty pipe clamps to U-bolts, per your needs.

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What are pipe clamps?

Pipe clamps or pipe clips are simple fittings that are easy to install. They are one of the wide varieties of channel support systems and are most frequently used in the electrical, plumbing, heating, and drainage industries. 

Pipe clamps are circular or semicircular brackets that, when appropriately chosen, fit securely around the conduit, wires, or tubing you’re installing. They may also include a spring clip or “bossed” system.

The clip is then fastened to the surface along which the pipe is being run, either directly or via a hanger bracket. As a result, the tubing is kept firmly in place and supported for the entirety of its run, resulting in a dependable and hassle-free mounting solution.

What are pipe clamps used for?

Pipe clips are used in various sectors of industries for different purposes. Some of them are as follows:


Plumbing pipe clamps are among the most often used types and are used in homes and workplaces to neatly and safely secure/support pipes of various diameters. You need to know which diameter, thread and material to select for which type of water or drainage pipe is the key to using plumbers’ clamps correctly. 

Drainage Systems

Drain pipe clamps, also known as gutter clips or brackets, can contain fasteners for securing wastewater conduits as part of an interior plumbing and drainage system. Although they are significantly different in design and purpose, both types of ductwork require brackets and clips to support them. 

Knowing exactly which diameter, type of clips and number of clips is essential when choosing the appropriate drain pipe clips, just like in central plumbing applications.


A pipe clamp is a broad, free-standing, fully adjustable vice clamp typically used to hold many boards together when edge-gluing to create a stronger joint. However, the operation of woodworking pipe clamps is: you must choose the correct diameter, style, and substance of clips to fit around the pipe; otherwise, it won’t be able to offer a secure enough grip to lock those end-joints in place.

Different Types Of Pipe Clips

Some basic types of pipe clips provided by Air Energy are listed below:

Standard pipe clamps

Typically, standard clamps are secured using two screws, one on each side of the clamp. Depending on the application, they can be lined or unlined, and various sizes are typically available. A few currently available pipe clamps provide a single screw pipe clamp with a quick-locking system that is fixable as these clamps have evolved.

Plastic pipe clamps

Plastic pipes or home copper pipes are where plastic pipe clips are typically used. They are ideal for light loads and pipelines with a smaller diameter. Because they are easy to install, they are also perfect for applications requiring many clamps. Modern plastic clamps are made for speedy installation. The pipe can be simply fixed in place without the need for extra fastening.

Traditional pipe clamps

Split bands, copper pipe clips and saddle clamps are traditional clamps frequently used to hold steel or copper pipes. Since they lack an internal lining, they work best for pipelines without other factors to consider, such as temperature or noise insulation. 

Heavy-duty pipe clamps

Heavy-duty clamps are made for usage in situations where strong load support is needed and have a high safe operating load. They come with or without lining and can be used inside and outside. Modern characteristics make them simpler to install than conventional clamps.



You may remove the clamps using a set of hose clamp pliers. Open the pliers' jaws and insert the teeth into the slots on the two protruding arms of the spring hose clamp first. After pinching and loosening the clamp using the pliers' handles, slip the clamp off the hose.
he maximum distance between copper tube supports and clips should be around A 1" (28 mm). The horizontal supports of the copper tube can be spaced up to 5 feet apart (1.5 m).
It is acceptable to attach clamps, hangers, fasteners, or bracketing systems directly to copper tubing or galvanised metal studs.

The various kinds of Pipe clips available are as given below:

  1. Adjustable Pipe clips
  2. Cushioned Pipe clips
  3. Rigid clips
  4. U-bolts
  5. Yoke-Type Pipe clips
  6. Riser Pipe clips
  7. Two-Bolt Pipe clips
  8. Three-bolt Pipe clips
A pipe clip is an attachment that clamps around the pipe to join it to the other parts of a pipe hanger assembly. Pipe clamps, which may or may not be insulated, are advised for the suspension of cold pipe lines.