B-Press Tools: M-Press and V-Press Tool

There are 2 main systems of press fittings M-Press or V-Press. The two profiles are different in shape but in terms of performance there is no difference . Both profiles must meet the same standards, have the same approvals. There is no difference in functionality, fluids pass through pipes and fittings in the same way. Even the maximum operating pressures and temperatures are the same.

The choice of one profile or another by installers is entirely discretionary , according to habits and the availability of equipment of one type or another. Nonetheless, at present the manufacture of the EuroPress fittings System range of M profile fittings boasts a greater number of certifications than the more recent V profile range, for which some certifications are in the process of being obtained or are planned for the near future.

Bpress Tool

B Press fittings are available in copper and copper alloy and are quick and easy to install. This flame-free range features an innovative 3-point press system that ensures a secure, permanent leak-free joint suitable for various applications.

B Press is a versatile press fitting system that can be used with hard, half-hard, or annealed copper tubes to provide a secure, long-lasting, leak-proof joint.

All Press fittings are easy to install and provide a low-cost installation solution. The ultra-slim design provides an aesthetically pleasing finish while also providing a secure, permanent joint that cannot be tampered with.

With a design life of 50 years and corrosion resistance, Press fittings can be relied on to perform long after installation. A secure, permanent joint crimped on both the toroidal seat of the O-ring and on the fitting to pipe interface, ensures the physical connection longitudinally and radially plus the seal integrity.

Advantages of Press Tool System

The following are the primary benefits of Press press fit fittings:

  • Flame Free

The absence of flames eliminates the risk of fire on the job site plus the requirement for Hot Work Permits and having a Fire Spotter standing by the whole time.

  • Dependable Simplicity

Installation is simple, quick, and dependable, resulting in low installation costs. The battery powered press tools are portable and convenient, no gas bottles and hoses to cart around or trip over.

  • Completely Certified

Extensive third-party certification provides the client, specifier, and installer with peace of mind provided installation procedures are followed and the correct Press-Jaws that match the fittings M or V are used.

  • Performance

With a design life of 50 years and corrosion resistance, Press joints can be relied on to perform long after installation.

  • Slimline Profile

An aesthetic finish is provided by the slimline, unobtrusive design.

  • Permanent Joint

A secure, permanent joint crimped on both the fitting and the inserted pipe ensures the integrity of the connection.

  • Leak Indicator

When fittings are not pressed, the unique Press Sleeve Check Ring indicator in sizes up to 54mm, plus the unique segmented O-ring exposes leaks at unpressed joints with low pressures.

Why use press fittings?

For trade professionals, securely connecting pipes is critical to project success. Until recently, tradespeople relied on welding, brazing, and soldering to make connections. While this is still a common method for installing pipe systems, press fittings have a number of advantages that make them a better choice in some cases than welding or soldering. 

Press fittings are an excellent solution for connecting pipes for plumbers, HVAC professionals, builders, and commercial mechanical contractors alike. Explore the top five reasons for using press fittings and how they can help you grow your professional contracting business.

Press fitting connections are secure

The operation of press tools depends on many factors by brand, but one common factor is the strength of connections. The connection is as strong as a welded or soldered connection as long as the pipe is prepared correctly according to the press tool system manufacturer’s instructions. 

Many hydraulic press tools have an auto-cycle feature that only turns off when the connection is complete, eliminating the need to guess whether or not the pipe is fully joined.

Jobsite safety is improved with press fittings

On the jobsite, caution and safety should always come first. Because no heat or flame is required to make connections, press fittings are more secure. This reduces the possibility of workplace injury. Compared to welding or soldering, using a press tool requires less safety equipment, which can result in additional cost savings.

Press fittings are dynamic

Because press fittings are made of copper, stainless steel, and carbon steel, they can be used with almost any pipe system made of those materials. As a result, they can be used in a wide range of applications. From gas, petroleum, and corrosives to steam and potable water, there is almost certainly a press-fitting solution for your project.

Press fittings allow for quick repairs

Press-fitting connections can be made even if the pipe system is wet. Because of this, press fittings are well suited for use in commercial and industrial facilities where operations will not be disrupted if repairs are required. Press fittings eliminate the need to shut down a pipe system for maintenance.

Press fittings save time and money

Connections can be made in a fraction of the time it takes to weld or solder pipe with press fittings. Furthermore, when compared to welding, brazing, or soldering, the press tool requires significantly less training. Because of this, press fittings are an excellent labour-saving solution, particularly when installing large-scale pipe systems.