Why You Should Replace Compressed Air Filters Regularly

Air CompressorManagers in every industry should always make sure that their factory or workplace equipment operates at an optimal level. They can monitor the functionality of their equipment whilst conducting preventive maintenance.

Just like all industrial equipment, compressed air filters should be replaced or repaired when damaged to ensure a compressed air system is free from contaminants. Water, oils and dirt particles in a compressed air piping system contaminate the products and create wear on moving parts. Using proper compressed air filtration increases the production reliability of air systems.

Minimise Air Compressor Downtime

If you experienced your air compressor system suddenly shutting down after continued use, it may be a good time to change your air filters. The accumulated dirt in an air filters drastically increases the pressure drop of airflow in a compressed air system and increases the load on the compressor as it compensates. Changing your air filter helps in reducing the energy demand and operating costs.

Extending Lifespan

The more time you leave your air filter unchanged, the lesser the lifespan of your air compressor system will be. Dirty filters mean compressors have to work harder and longer and therefore run hotter, leading to higher risks of breakdowns.  Leaving a dirty air filter in your system could cause potential damage due to the large accumulation of dirt, which could hinder your system’s airflow. By replacing a dirty air filter with a new one, you can expect your air system to last longer. Not only that, but due to the filter media usually being made from fine borosilicate glass, the elements can easily develop small pinholes that let the air and contaminants rush through the path of least resistance. In this case, the pressure drop indicator or gauge seems low, but the contaminants end up polluting the products or compromising the breathing air.

Saving Energy

An air compressor system with a dirty air filter uses more energy to function due to airflow being blocked by a large accumulation of dirt. To save on energy costs, make sure that your air compressor’s filter is clean by replacing it regularly.

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