Ways to Lower Your Compressed Air Costs

compressed air costsCompressed air is very expensive, and it is a significant expense across many industries. However, compressed air systems and their parts continue to innovate for the better. High-technology hardware, automation and improved industrial compressors have paved the way for more efficient operations. There are more opportunities to improve compressed handling.

Here, we discuss the many ways you can make your compressed air demands more efficient in your operations.

  1. Leak Checks

Even when using equipment that exceeds standards, systems will almost always develop leaks throughout their service lives. Detecting them before they get worse is important. A regular check is in order. Leaks that are just a few inches long can easily cost a few thousand dollars annually.

  1. Keep the Pressure Within Range

Overworking your system is never a good idea – always keep them within the recommended range. This will safeguard the integrity of your system as well as take care of the hardware. Automated supply controllers can maintain health pressures for your system.

  1. Review the entire structure

Complex compressed air systems need to be optimised for the working conditions under which they operate. Make it a habit to check that your system is in the best shape to serve your purposes. Air Energy offers compressed air audits that can do exactly that.

  1. Don’t Skimp On Maintenance

Maintenance costs can be very costly. Don’t be tempted to cut your maintenance budget – be willing to spend on preventive services. Parts of compressed air systems must all be in working order for better efficiency as well as to prevent more costly faults.

Compressed air systems are cash cows for any plant or operation that utilizes them. With the right approach and willingness to apply new innovations, you can operate a system that costs less for your entire system. For more information on how we can help your business, talk to Air Energy experts for the most effective solutions available in Australia.