Understanding the Genius of Unipipe Fittings

Industrial pipes are required to withstand many tough work environments. When installing complex pipework for compressed air systems, you want to ensure your pipes are secured by dependable and compatible pipe fittings that enhance the integrity of your pipes.

Unipipe is the ideal solution for your pipework installation requirements. Here are some of the reasons you should invest in Unipipe fittings:

Practical Design

Unipipe fittings are engineered to simplify pipework requirements and provide a durable fitting for pipes in various applications. The dynamic gripping ring and internal nut ensure there is no way to separate the pipe from the fittings. The plastic ring around the pipe fittings also allows you to identify the fluid and working pressure for each system, easing installation and inspections.

Quick and Easy Installation

To create a durable and complex pipe system, all you need to do is cut the pipe to length, deburr and attach the Unipipe fitting onto the pipe and tighten the nut. Installations require minimal tooling and fewer materials. With fast and straightforward installation processes, you get the job done without stress or costly delays.

Better Longevity

Aluminium is a long-lasting and durable material that prolongs the life of your installation. Unlike hand painted products that are prone to flaking, Unipipe fittings have powder coat finishes that are vastly superior in terms of durability.

Improved Security

One of Unipipe’s greatest benefits is its security, ensuring peace of mind. The stainless steel grip ring provides a secure jointing system compared to other options giving the highest pressure rating of any aluminium system. They minimise leaks and protect the pipes.

Enhanced Heat Resistance

Unipipe fittings are high-pressure aluminium pipe fittings that have innate heat resistance. They work in a wide range of temperatures, from -20°C to 100°C. Even when exposed to extreme temperatures, Unipipe fittings do not expand as much as other fittings. Aluminium allows the fittings to retain their form, requiring minimal clips during installation to preserve the structure of the system.

Aesthetic Value

One of the key features of Unipipe fittings is that they do not just work well – they look good too. In an age where design and aesthetic appeal are becoming increasingly important to engineers and clients, aluminium pipe fittings provide a sleek and attractive finish for your pipework.

A Universal System

Unipipe is considered a universal fitting by many technicians. They are designed to suit a vast array of applications. The fittings can be used in systems that transport water, fire suppression, compressed air, industrial gases and nitrogen ‒ all at a high pressure. Because of its versatility, Unipipe has become a system of choice in many industries.

A Variety of Choices

Aside from their adaptability, Unipipe fittings also come in an extensive range of pipe sizes: 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 90, 110, 140 and 160mm. Just measure the outer rim of your pipe and choose a press fitting that suits it best.

Air Energy

Established in 1993, Air Energy is a family owned business that supplies a comprehensive range of equipment for industrial pipework. Our knowledge and expertise enable us to give you personalised solutions that match your needs.

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you want to purchase Unipipe fittings for your pipework or other brands, feel free to contact us today.