The Importance of Quality Pipework in Your Workplace

The best plumbing should be neither seen nor heard in the home or office, as it affords us the basic necessities of everyday living.

At Air Energy, we enable the best plumbers to provide the best plumbing with quality aluminium, polymer and stainless steel pipe Australia wide.

Read on to discover how integral well-made plumbing is to your workplace and appreciate the investment that proper pipes can be.

Keeping Clean

Water is an essential and amazing resource for cleaning surfaces and myriads of packaging, components, and ourselves. Without it, harmful bacteria would multiply and render the environment, your friends and colleagues susceptible to sickness. Access to clean water is probably the most important development in all of human civilisation.

The correct design and materials in your plumbing system can reduce maintenance time in emergencies or in any breakdown or modification situation.

Poorly installed pipes can also lead to leaks inside your walls, causing mould and rot to set in. This can lead to negative health effects on inhabitants, not to mention the degradation of assets and poor company culture that can arise from a poorly maintained workplace.

Water Usage

When managing any business, the cost of utilities can be a vital part of making or breaking your bottom line. With well installed and designed plumbing, the energy for all piped fluids, including water can be reduced. Also, if the water pressure is optimised, the volume of water you use can be reduced, further cutting your water bill.

As more companies commit to sustainability targets, water usage is increasingly scrutinised. An efficient plumbing system is just one more step you can take to improve your sustainable standing, making your company culture one to be proud of.

Safety Standards

As discussed earlier, leaking pipes can be detrimental to your workplace in more ways than one.

Not only can it cause mould and rot, but any leaks around electrical components can contribute to stray currents or even short circuits and leave you in the dark with a hefty bill to pay for both plumbing and electrical maintenance.

The lights may be the least of your worries – switchboards and data centres can power far more than your ceiling lights. If a leak or stray current were to occur near your company’s dedicated data centre where numerous computers and storage systems are held, there’s no telling how long you could be out of action.

Further on safety, leaks can lead to slips and falls which put your colleagues and your company in danger. To avoid the worst-case scenario of a death or lawsuit, invest in plumbing that keeps everyone safe and well.

The Luxuries of Quality Plumbing

Modern aesthetic and functional plumbing can vastly improve the morale of your workplace as your colleagues recognise the extras afforded by their employer.

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