The Four Types of Europress Pipe Fittings

Since they were first introduced in 1968, Europress pipe fittings have become a popular solution for a wide variety of piping systems throughout the European and international markets. As a leading provider of pipe systems and compressed air equipment, to Australian industries, Air Energy has been a longstanding proponent of the innovative and versatile Europress product range. While all Europress components are designed and built to meet the same exacting standards, the different fittings are made to suit different settings and applications. In this blog, we will outline the four main types of pipe fittings in the Europress range.

Standard Fittings

The standard range of Europress fittings are made from high-quality 316L stainless steel. Unlike other stainless steel piping, many of which require open-flame welding, Europress fittings are simply pressed together to form an airtight seal. This massively reduces the cost and time required for installation – up to ten times faster than traditional instals.

The new range of standard Europress fittings feature the innovative ‘No Leak Solution’. These fittings feature Europress’s unique PressCheck sleeve, a thin, blue coloured plastic collar attached to the outer edge of the o-ring. This plastic collar tears and falls off when two fittings are pressed together, making it easy to identify any sections that have not been securely joined.

This system eliminates the need for grease or oil, making Europress a hygienic solution that is suitable for food processing and pharmaceutical applications.

Supersize Fittings

The Supersize range of Europress fittings feature the same high-quality steel but are designed to suit larger piping systems. They are ideal for systems of 5” and 6” stainless steel pipework.

Gas Fittings

All gas fittings for the Australia/New Zealand market have to conform to the German Standard DVGW VP614 for gas applications. In order to do this, Europress Gas press Fittings are subjected to a special helium test. Once they have passed this test, Europress Gas Fittings are marked with a ‘PN5’ yellow label to indicate they are suitable for use with gas piping applications as well as the distinctive press check sleeve being yellow.

These pipes have a regulatory maximum operating pressure of 5 bar and can operate in temperatures of -20°C to 70°C.

Carbon Steel Fittings

Europress also offers a range of carbon steel pipe fittings and steel tubes. These are typically made from E195 or E235 to conform to Standard EN 10305, and are available from Air Energy with a choice of o-rings for chemical suitability. The carbon steel fittings have distinctive red press check sleeves.

Carbon steel Europress fittings are commonly used in industrial and civil construction applications that don’t require the unique qualities offered by stainless steel fittings. Some of these applications include oil and diesel fuel lines, closed circuit heating and cooling water systems, compressed air and inert gas systems, and closed circuit sprinkler systems.

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