I would like to pass on my thanks for the excellent work that AIR ENERGY and your installing team have completed for WESTAFLEX.

We appreciate your involvement in this major project and that we could have confidence that everything has been done the way we wanted it. To have one Company able to co-ordinate a total package, not just the Compressed Air but also the chilled water recirculation system simplified the design and installation process. We found Air Energy very helpful in suggesting improvements for increased efficiency and also flexible to changes as the project proceeded.

We are impressed that the level of supervision and consistency of quality in the installation team was maintained even when your site foreman was hospitalized with pneumonia.

We are very satisfied, knowing we have an optimum system that is user friendly and the quality of workmanship leaves us with no regrets. We cannot understate the peace of mind in dealing with a Company that didn’t take short-cuts at the expense of doing the job right and their recommendation of PE for our application has been a bonus.

I have no hesitation in recommending AIR ENERGY as proficient, competent, thorough and reliable and the finished project could be inspected if you desire.

We are glad to have had AIR ENERGY involved with us at WESTAFLEX.