Hi Jon,

I am sending you this email in regards to our airline upgrade at our mill.

Replacing the existing airline with Air Energy airline has made a vast improvement to every machine that relies on air in the hardwood section. We have replaced our smaller line with 110mm coming from the compressor and then dropping down to 63mm throughout the mill.

Upgrading to a larger airline and increasing accumulator air storage has taken the work load off our compressor and reducing electricity usage.

The temperature of the compressor has dropped by at least 8 degrees through the day. The air cylinders have a better reaction time and lifting power has increased. We now find it a lot easier to control speed regulation and pressure in the cylinders.

Talking with Steve my maintenance manager we have also noted that going away from galvanised airline and going to Air Energy airline we will increase the life of our air valves throughout the mill, as after a couple of years the galvanised airline flake inside and this ends up in the valves thus causing downtime.

This upgrade has been very beneficial to the production and operations at our mill.

I would also like to thank Air Energy for the great response time in manufacturing our accumulator and sending out all the air lines in such a short time.

General Manager