Pneumatic Manifolds

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Manifolds are compact and efficient way of splitting the airflow into a number of separate streams. These can be as simple as a Y outlet to a multiport manifold. Most manifolds have their own mounting points to give secure fixing. Air Energy’s most popular styles have 1/2″ inlet at either end and 2, 3, 4 or 5 1/4″ outlets on the front face. Some that we refer to as porting blocks will have equal 1/4″, 3/8″ or 1/2″ ports on each face.

Most are aluminium but corrosion free reinforced plastic models have their own appeal.

Air Energy has the perfect valve manifolds to fit your requirements as well as your pockets! We are here to assist you if you require information about valves, the equipment they are used with, services or products.

Air Manifolds:

At AirEnergy, we offer a wide range of high-quality air manifolds that are essential components in pneumatic systems. An air manifold is a device designed to distribute compressed air from a single source to multiple outlets. It serves as a central hub, ensuring efficient and controlled air flow to various pneumatic tools and equipment.

Our air manifolds are constructed with precision and durability in mind, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding industrial environments. With various configurations and port sizes available, our manifolds can accommodate different application requirements. Whether you need a simple manifold or a custom solution, we have you covered.

Manifold Valves:

A manifold valve, also known as a multi-port valve, is a crucial component in fluid control systems. It combines the functions of a valve and a manifold into a single unit. Our manifold valves feature multiple inlet and outlet ports, allowing for the regulation and distribution of fluid or gas flow.

These valves are designed to provide precise control over the flow rates and pressures in hydraulic, pneumatic, and other fluid-handling systems. With durable construction and reliable performance, our manifold valves ensure optimal system efficiency and safety.

Hydraulic Valve Manifolds:

In hydraulic systems, valve manifolds play a critical role in controlling the flow and pressure of hydraulic fluid. Our hydraulic valve manifolds are designed to simplify the installation and operation of hydraulic valves. They provide a compact and organised solution for connecting multiple hydraulic valves in a system.

With our hydraulic valve manifolds, you can streamline your hydraulic system, reduce installation time, and improve overall system performance. We offer a wide range of configurations and options to meet various application requirements, ensuring reliable and efficient hydraulic operations.

Manifolds and Accessories:

In addition to our comprehensive range of manifolds and valves, we also provide a variety of manifold accessories to enhance system functionality and versatility. These accessories include fittings, adapters, gauges, brackets, and more.

Our manifold accessories are designed to complement our manifold products, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. With our extensive selection, you can find the right accessories to customise your manifold system according to your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pneumatic Manifolds

A manifold valve is a component that combines the functions of a valve and a manifold. It features multiple inlet and outlet ports, allowing for the regulation and distribution of fluid or gas flow in fluid control systems.
The primary use of a manifold valve is to control the flow rates and pressures in fluid control systems. It provides a centralised and efficient solution for distributing fluid or gas to multiple outlets.
Firstly, a manifold manifests itself as an apparatus dedicated to the dispersion of fluid or gas, stemming from a singular source, and effectuating the dissemination across multiple outlets. By facilitating the intricate task of fluid distribution, a manifold optimises the allocation of resources and streamlines operational efficiency.

Conversely, a valve materialies as a device specifically designed to govern and regulate the flow or pressure of fluid or gas. It assumes the responsibility of modulating the magnitude of fluidic movement or restraining the exerted pressure within a given system. By effectively controlling the fluid dynamics, valves offer precision and stability in managing the fluidic parameters of a system.

Enter the manifold valve—a hybrid amalgamation of both functions ingeniously amalgamated into a cohesive unit. This multifaceted contrivance not only harmonies the duality of control and distribution capabilities but also exhibits versatility in its operational scope. By seamlessly integrating the functionalities of a manifold and a valve, this ingenious creation enables the simultaneous facilitation of fluid control and distribution, imbuing a system with enhanced operational control and efficiency.