Nitrogen Gas Supply: Why Industries are Switching to On-Site Generators

Nitrogen gas generatorNitrogen gas is one of the most abundant resources on Earth, making up nearly 80 per cent of the air around us. It’s used by many industries in various applications. For example, in the food packaging industry, they put a puff of nitrogen gas inside a bag of chips to prolong the products’ freshness and crispness. Pharmaceutical and food manufacturing companies use nitrogen to store medical-grade compounds and as an oxygen-free packaging alternative.

Due to nitrogen gas’ extensive range of uses, some factories require the gas on an industrial scale. Paying outside parties to bring nitrogen gas in bottles to the facility is often costly and inefficient.

Here are the top reasons why factories all over the world prefer having on-site nitrogen generators:

Reduces operating costs

It is much less expensive to create your own nitrogen than to rent tanks and buy the gas from outside sources. There is also the possibility of losing some of the product during the transportation process. With an on-site generator, your facility eliminates handling fees, transport costs and extra insurance charges.

Having an on-site nitrogen generator means greater flexibility for planning and budgeting on what is produced and needed at a given time. This results in savings that will build over time, cutting nitrogen costs and a return on investment in as little as half a year. In addition to saving on usage costs, nitrogen generators eliminate the need for rental fees on cylinders and re-supply orders.

Increases employee safety

The safety of the workers is a major concern for any business facility. This is especially true for workers who are dealing with hazardous products such as compressed nitrogen. Employees who are exposed to manual handling OH&S issues involved with constantly changing bottles plus the chemical during the transportation process may receive serious injuries, particularly if liquid nitrogen spills.

Employee injuries lead to increased medical costs and time off work. Having an on-site nitrogen generator reduces risks when moving delivered nitrogen around the factory, improves employee safety and boosts overall morale within the facility.

Improves efficiency within the facility

Having a steady supply of nitrogen in your own premises eliminates the potential of delivery delays. Waiting even a few hours for the new supply causes setbacks in the manufacturing process. With your own nitrogen generator, you’re not at the mercy of another company’s ability to ship the products on the agreed time of arrival.

Producing your own nitrogen also cuts down on the hassle of ordering, paperwork and arranging a time for delivery and storage. With your own supply, you eliminate commitments to long-term contracts.

Less environmental impact

Concern is growing for how manufacturing companies are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Considering the energy and costs involved in the shipment process, it’s more environment-friendly to have your own nitrogen source. By eliminating the need for delivery, you reduce your business’ greenhouse gas emissions – building a positive public image for your company.

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