Air Energy at Quickstep

AIR ENERGY supports Australian high tech industry.

Quickstep is an Australian listed company at the 348196_375_Thales_Hawkeiforefront of advanced composites manufacturing and technology development.

Quickstep is the largest independent aerospace-grade advanced composite manufacturer in Australia. They manufacture using both traditional autoclave and leading edge out-of-autoclave production technologies for aerospace and automotive.

Quickstep are currently partnering with some of the world’s largest aerospace/defence organisations, including the US Department of Defence, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Airbus, Thales and BAE.

Quickstep has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with defence contractor Thales Australia confirming Quickstep’s selection as exclusive supplier of the bonnet, side skirts and mud guards for Hawkei vehicles.

airenergy-quickstepUsing its innovative “Resin Spray Transfer” (RST) technology developed for the automotive industry. Quickstep’s RST technology uses an innovative ‘robotised’ process that dramatically reduces manufacturing times and costs for producing carbon fibre composite vehicle parts. The process delivers parts that are strong and corrosion-resistant yet lightweight. This is a revolutionary carbon fibre composite technology which will reduce the weight of key components by up to 50%, representing a big improvement. This bonnet is made in one piece using a sandwich structure, the application of the RST process to a sandwich structure is an important step forward dramatically reducing assembly costs in addition to saving weight.

AIR ENERGY was selected as a preferred supplier to design, supply and install chilled water, compressed air and vacuum systems for Quicksteps ‘State–of-the-art’ new manufacturing plant at Waurn Ponds.

Pictured is the 310KW chiller being craned into position.

Air Energy installed the Chiller, a 2000l buffer tank, control equipment and circulating pumps.

Pipework included Europress 316 SS for the chiller system, Maxair PE 100, PVC and AIRnet aluminium pipework.