Needle Valve

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What Are Needle Valves?

A needle valve precisely controls the flow rate of clean gases or liquids. You can obtain smooth flow control by adjusting the stem and plunger adjustments. Ball valves and gate valves are best for on/off applications with negligible pressure/flow drop, but needle valves are best for finer flow control.

The typical characteristics of these valves include modest flow rates and a sizable pressure drop between the inlet and the output. The standard port diameters of needle valves range from 1/8″ to 2″.

A needle valve is commonly used to regulate the flow of gases, in conjunction with a flowmeter for accurate measurement.

Valve Material

The application determines the needle valve’s manufacturing material. Since brass and stainless steel show a variety of chemical resistance, they are the most popular materials for valve housing. But other materials are also available for unique purposes.

Disadvantages Of A Needle Valve

Limitations of needle valves include:

  • The constraint of high fluid flow causes a high-pressure loss in the needle valve.
  • The seat and needle may be harmed if the fluid contains solid particles.
  • Needle valves are especially suitable for piping systems with low flow rates.
  • By looking at the handle position alone, it is difficult to determine whether the valve is open or closed.
  • Needle valves cannot be opened or closed immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

A needle valve is used to control the fluid flow through a system. The valve has a tiny plunger with a needle-like form and a tapered end. It is helpful for plumbing sample places where a shallow flow rate is needed. A needle valve can also be used as a throttle or an on/off valve.
The most beneficial part about needle valves is that they are easy to use and can accurately control the flow and they are compact.