Innovations Possible with MaXair Poly Pipe’s Versatility

industrial-pipes-maxairSystems that handle compressed air should be made with materials that meet safety and reliability standards. Here at Air Energy, we pride ourselves on being the first to bring the MaXair poly pipe to Australia, the blue poly pipes that exceed most of Australia’s manufacturing standards.

These pipes are manufactured from PE100, providing for compressed air systems components that can last up to 50 years at 20 degrees Celsius. There are long-term tests, which suggest that these pipes’ product life can last up to 200 years.

MaXair compressed air pipes gained popularity in many industries for its long list of advantages over other poly pipes, other brands and older galvanized iron or copper systems. Its durability and adaptability have allowed industries to find uses for these pipes that optimise the advantage of such resilient corrosion-free characteristics.

Extreme Strength: Protection in Animal Environment Enhancement Programs

Leading zoos across the globe that are implementing animal environment enrichment techniques use MaXair PE100 blue pipes. Lions used to bite through marine ropes with a 3-ton breaking strain. Today, the maXair blue pipes are used, successfully withstanding the efforts of strong wild animals such as lions, bears and elephants. Our very own Melbourne Zoo and Sydney’s Tooronga Park Zoo use these extremely durable blue pipes which are rugged and non-toxic.

Freeing Flexibility: Slide Finishing at Chelsea Bicentennial Park

Melbourne’s award-winning Bicentennial Park at Chelsea features two big mound slides for its centrepiece. As a public place dedicated to children, the creator of the slide needed a protective finishing to give children a better grip and to prevent cuts.

MaXair pipes proved to be not only robust, but they are also flexible enough to follow the slides’ curves. The pipes’ bright blue colour also gave an attractive finish to the yellow slide.

Other industries, will find no problems in adapting the maXair blue pipes for their needs, whether for compressed air, industrial pipework or other uses, They are easy to alter and easy to install. Made with food grade materials, bearing good thermal properties and having a broad chemical resistance, innovation is all that you require to adapt the pipes to your needs.

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