How Compressed Air Audits Can Transform Your Facility

industrial aluminium pipesCompressed air systems require big budgets to run. In fact, studies show that 10–15% of Australia’s industrial electrical use comes from compressed air. They are notorious for gobbling electricity, especially when they develop faults.
Given this, is it possible for companies to reduce the cost of compressed air systems? It is, and compressed air audits are the best way to start.

Gain the Upper Hand

Compressed air audits are not simply about finding leaks and fixing them. Audits provide facilities with data on their requirements, actual usage and waste. The auditing team here at Air Energy can make recommendations to potentially save your company thousands of dollars every month.

The numbers can be astounding. One recommendation that Air Energy prepared for a client showed potential savings of up to $37,000 per year on a $59,000 annual spend!

Know What You Need

The audit will reveal how you use compressed air in your facility. If you use a furnace, the audit team will find out how much compressed air it consumes. The audit will also find ways to decrease your consumption by, for example, closer regulation of compressed air use. Once projected consumption values have been estimated, a minimum amount can be determined and targeted.

Spotting Leaks before They Start

Spotting leaks is a key component of an audit. In addition, the auditors will check if the right hardware is being used to run the system. Auditors may recommend that the facility updates to sturdier materials, such as aluminium pipes from specialised suppliers. While these upgrades may be costly, they will definitely cut maintenance costs.

Accurate Electrical Consumption Estimates

Using a method called data logging, auditors will calculate the kilowatt-hours (kWh) a compressed air system consumes. This survey lasts for about seven days. Once this value has been determined, facilities can better calculate how much they consume every time they use the system.

Usually, an audit and the cost of the recommended upgrades pays for itself within 12–24 months. These savings are mainly due to reductions in electricity and maintenance costs. If you are interested in cutting thousands of dollars of unnecessary expense, contact Air Energy now!