The Europress™ Press Fit System

Who is Europress™?

Established in 1968, the manufacturer of Europress™ was established to provide customers with stainless steel and carbon steel tubes. In the five decades it has been in operation, the company has grown to be one of the top manufacturers of press fittings throughout Europe and in the international market.

The company credits its research and development team for its constant growth and advancement. Over the years, the Europress™ manufacturer has expanded its selection of products to include pre-made tube components, both hydraulic and automotive, and innovative press fit systems. The company employs a rigorous quality control process in its factory to ensure that all final products meet strict international standards.

What is the Europress™ Press Fit System?

In 2002, they launched the press fit system. The innovative tube modular system was developed to provide customers with an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional piping systems. Unlike its predecessors, the Europress™ press fit system does not use welding, threading, or soldering in its process. This heightens its safety features and lessens the risk of complications often related to piping systems.

Why choose the Europress™ Press Fit System?

Traditionally, pipes are connected with the use of naked flames. Not only does this increase the risk of accidents in the workplace, but it also requires hot work permits. These, along with gas bottles and hoses, lengthen and make the process more expensive. However, this situation can be avoided with the Europress™ press fit system.

This innovative press fit system has a two-step process that uses crimp fittings instead of naked flames. Crimping, particularly for the Europress™ system, involves radial and geometric compressions. The radial compression creates a waterproof and airtight seal that ensures there are no leakages in the pipework. The geometric compression is then carried out to form a mechanical joint that will prevent rotations and other types of movement. All of these work towards well-crafted pipework that is durable and reliable. For trade professionals that often work with tight budgets and deadlines, the Europress™ press fit system provides an effective and efficient alternative.

Air Energy’s Partnership with Europress™

Air Energy was established in 1993 to provide customers with a comprehensive range of pipework and compressed air equipment. In an effort to improve services and enhance its speciality, the company was divided into two suppliers. Air Energy rose to focus all of its efforts on compressed air equipment and industrial pipework.

We at Air Energy use our 20 years of industry knowledge and expertise to give you personalised best practice solutions. As such, we have partnered with Europress™ to provide you with its innovative press fit systems. As a trusted stainless steel pipework supplier in Australia, know that we will work with you to find the right Europress™ solution that best suits your needs.