Essential Factors for Buying the Right Industrial Air Compressor

Air CompressorIndustrial air compressors are central to many manufacturing and processing operations. They are designed to convert electrical power into potential energy stored in pressurised air. With an efficient air compressor, the required amount of energy supplied to keep industrial systems running at all times is critical for controlling ongoing running costs.

Purchasing the most suitable air compressor for your industrial environment is critical. Air Energy provides a list of points to consider before investing in an industrial air compressor to implement in your operations:

Accurate Rated Capacity and Pressure

Inaccurate or missing information on industrial air compressors can be harmful to business.  Some companies provide incorrect sizing details, or specify a misleading capacity rating or pressure level, posing risks to your operations.

Before you purchase an industrial air compressor, check the product descriptions carefully. Some are sold by displacement, but FAD is the critical benchmark. Check that the stated capacity is at the pressure you need. You must be able to find the system that offers the load operating pressure capacity you need.

At Air Energy, we give you all the information you need about our products, whether it’s an oil-free compressor or a silenced compressor.

Power Consumption and Cost-Efficiency

Energy is one of the most costly aspects of running a business. Selecting the correct air compressor translates to higher energy efficiency and lower monthly power costs.

The purchase price for any compressors will only be 10% to 15% of your total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the compressor. In fact, in the first year of using new air compressors, your energy bill will be almost the same amount of your compressor’s purchase price. So that is why Air Energy regard it as important to understand your usage, an audit is well worth understanding your power demands.

Ability to Run Partly Loaded

Traditional piston industrial air compressors can only run either at full load or at no-load. They continuously switch between loaded at 100% and unloaded at 0%, which may result in significant energy wastage. It may make more business sense to invest in a variable speed (VSD) compressor that can run at any capacity within its range, but there are circumstances where a piston compressor is preferred.

Air Energy carries air compressors that can run partly loaded. They hit the best capacity range between 50% and 80% while allowing you to produce only the energy you need, saving you power costs no matter how long you use the system.

Installation Location

Before buying your air compressor, make sure you have secured a spot for it in your facility. Air compressors should be placed in a clean, dust-free area where there’s a steady supply of cool air.

The ideal compressor will depend on your existing work conditions. Be sure to tell the sales representatives at Air Energy the purpose of your air compressor and the site where you plan to have it installed. This information helps us recommend a suitable system for you.

Reliable Emergency Services

Your compressor serves your business. If a large portion of your business operations rely on an industrial air compressor, faulty components and busted machinery lead to downtime and production loss. Work with a provider that has dependable emergency services in the event of a system failure.

A preventative maintenance schedule saves money and loss of downtime that could be crucial to your processes. We help you avoid massive production losses and plant downtime by providing assistance whenever you need it.

Invest wisely in your business and enquire about our air compressors today.