5 Advantages of Europress Pipe Fittings

Looking for the superior fit for your pipe fittings?

Air Energy has partnered with a leading respected and experienced manufacturer in Europe to introduce Europress Pipe Fittings providing state-of-the-art installation of industrial pipework across Australia – without the need to spend a fortune.

Our unique system using press fitting technology has heralded a revolution in stainless steel pipe installation and is suited to a multitude of industries and applications, which include industrial, heating and cooling, agricultural, automotive, and many other manufacturing operations.

But why exactly are more Aussie industries opting for Air Energy to install Europress Pipe Fittings?

Europress Is Simple, Quick, And More Cost-Effective to Install.

Everybody wants a job done quickly, correctly, and economically – especially engineers, contractors and developers. So why waste time with out-dated methods that require transporting gas bottles and hoses and pose a risk of inconsistent wielding? Europress Pipe Fittings innovative system is modular and guarantees installation at speeds up to ten times faster than conventional methods – making installations, replacements and alterations easier than ever.

Additionally, our press system cuts costs by up to 30% due to a reduced need for expensive specialised labour, idle fire spotter safety observers and no gas bottle equipment for welding, giving you greater freedom to reallocate staff elsewhere.

You Can Depend On Europress’ Long-Lasting And Secure Seals

Avoid the stress of having a job delayed due to subpar welds, leaks or inconsistent fittings.

Our unique press system uses a two-step function which includes radial and geometric compression to form a strong mechanical joint that prevents leakages, rotation, or any other type of movement.

This not only makes Europress more dependable, but much safer too.

Fire-Hazards During Installation Are A Thing Of The Past

Work health and safety is paramount on a jobsite – especially when dealing with gas bottles, gas and oxygen hoses and naked flames and heavy tools.

Europress’ pressfit system doesn’t need any of these hazardous elements, making installing stainless steel pipes safer than ever. The traditional methods of joining pipes with naked flames are now a thing of the past – this not only makes the workplace safer, but also eliminates the need for hot work permits and unnecessary observers.

Corrosion Resistant Press Fittings With 316 Stainless Steel

Corrosion is one of the prominent causes for leakages, contamination for industry and ultimately leads to pipes or fittings needing replacement
To avoid headaches down the road, and increase plant life expectancy, Europress uses polished stainless steel which is free from oil and grease and highly resistant to corrosion. Not only that, but the manufacturing undergoes meticulous testing, so the quality of pipe and fittings is assured reducing potential for leaks and contamination to mere human error.

Europress Is Your Solution For All Services.

Our 304, 316 stainless steel and the carbon steel range is industry approved, safe, and more economic than our competitors. This is why industries from so many different sectors choose our services.

Whether it be for diesel, oil, water, fire, gas, or other applications, our pipe fittings will stand the test of time – without wasting your time.

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With over 20 years of extensive industry experience, Air Energy has built a solid reputation for having comprehensive knowledge and expertise to give you the best possible practice solutions.

Visit our website or contact our team today at (03) 9765 5600 to discuss your next project – our team of passionate professionals will go above and beyond to ensure that Europress Pipe Fittings are the perfect fit for you.



The Europress™ Press Fit System

1 Traditionally, stainless steel pipes are connected with the use of naked flames. Not only does this increase the risk of accidents in the workplace, but it also requires hot work permits. These, along with gas bottles and hoses, lengthen and make the process more expensive. However, this situation can be avoided with the Europress™ press fit system.

  • Uses crimp fittings instead of naked flames

2 The radial compression creates a waterproof and airtight seal that ensures there are no leakages in the pipework.

  • The geometric compression prevents rotations and other types of movement.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • For trade professionals that often work with tight budgets and deadlines, the Europress™ press fit system provides an effective and efficient alternative.